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Entourage Talent Associates, Ltd. is a music talent agency and consulting firm which exclusively represents a select number of clients and services promoters and concert venues throughout the world. Entourage president Wayne Forte originally signed The Clash to William Morris.

He followed instincts and with fellow ex-WMA Michael Farrell, he formed ITG and represented Duran Duran, The Jam, Joe Jackson, Killing Joke, The Clash, The Vapors, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Adam and the Ants, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, King Crimson, Billy Idol, etc. Some years later he exited ITG and formed Entourage.

In the mid-2000s Wayne contacted me through Russ Nadler (now business affairs at Apple) and I started crating print and digital materials for Entourage. It was that perfect intersection of Rock & Design that was my “happy place”. They even added me to their holiday list for a personalized Day Runner organizer. Remember Day Runners? No Christmas was complete for me without an Entourage Week-at-a-Glance Day Runner. I used the heck out of those things. Thank you Wayne (and Benji and Russ & Nathaniel!)

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