Jacket Illustration for “The 5 at the End”



Brian Cullen commissioned a jacket illustration for his latest book. He specifically wanted the five hot dog eating contestants at the end of the table to have eight franks each, leaving the other 95% of the world’s population to share the remaining assets. He also felt it was important not to capitalize any of the words in the title and to use the numeral instead of spelling out the word “five”.
Keeping an optimistic perspective we see “the little guys” disassembling the big “5” on the cover while creating a utopian biosphere on the back jacket. I like that! Brian Cullen picks up where  fellow Irishman J.Swift left off—keep it up Brian!

Album cover design and illustration: The Last Throes

the last throes LP record jacket front
the last throes LP record jacket front
the last throes LP record jacket back
the last throes LP record jacket back

For The Last Throes first album cover, Neil requested a Pettibonesque A/B of a hammer and squashed fly. Recalling Black Flag’s bright single-color jackets I set my illustration against a bright Pepto pink. Using conservative type on the massive 1′ x 1′ real estate in the spartan SST tradition really let that pink sing.

Available on Bandcamp from MoneyFire records, a great indy label.

Simon & Schuster picks up our Social Celebrity Books

Fans of Teen YouTube sensations Hayes Grier, Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas now have a new way to enjoy their favorite stars beyond the Vine clip. Simon & Schuster has acquired the rights to the Social Celeb Books set. These are full-length, authorized fan-fiction novels centering around the boys, and feature bonus exclusive photo content. Produced and designed by yours truly.

First Digital Editions of Hardie Gramatky’s Little Toot

Hardie Gramatky's Little Toot

A beloved children’s classic is revived!
With the diligence and generosity of Linda Gramatky Smith we were able to acquire source materials for the famous Little Toot series. Hardie Gramatky’s earlier book interiors were printed with a mix of color and BW. My challenge was to update and add fresh color throughout the books, keeping in Hardie’s style, as well as giving the books a unified sense of a series. I was lucky to have the aid of several gifted illustrators, including my friend, the brilliant Kalin Dimitrov, who took time away from a busy art directorship to help me make the deadline.

Here’s a little before/after of some of the images:

I Will Not: form follows function in a message of peace

I will not

In July of 2014, the world watched with great sadness as violence erupted once again between Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian writer (and former Sesame Street producer) Naila Farouky wrote a powerful poem that was a cry from the heart for maintaining humanity, even in the face of pain, rage and sorrow. The poem became a picture book, illustrated by Israeli artist Ora Eitan.

Another relevant, powerful publishing choice by Liz Nealon, and another StarWalk project I was honored to produce, design and shepherd. Special thanks from me to Lee Evron-Vaknin who showed sublime insight and generosity in providing the Hebrew translation for this book.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles.



“As someone whoappreciates the value of a well-motivated, clever robot (or two), I know you will find the wonderful Elfbots as enchanting as I did. Christmas just got a whole lot merrier.”—Mark Hamill.

Joey and Maria Andrade’s  enchanting holiday adventure drew the diverse talents of Rafael Navarro, Mark Hamill, Janet Lynch, Roger Rose and Kenny G. Working. As producer and designer I had the pleasure of working on both the print edition and eBook. Developing sound cues with Kenny G. as he provided the musical voice of Elfbot and editing the voice overs of the talented cast. A QED award-winner.

Available at Barnes and Nobles (with audio) and Amazon (without audio as of 2016).